Chris Elizardo

(Freelance Sculptor - E. Studios;

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Chris Elizardo


Grew up in San Antonio, Texas, were I developed a passion for art in all forms, drawing for the most part until I hit my mid twenties when I discovered the Garage Model Kit Genre and a world of wonderful comic related sculptural artists like Randy Bowen and Clayburn Moore, guys like them inspired me to learn to sculpt so I picked every model kit magazine that I could, one of which is Amazing Figure Modeler, and joined a couple of Model Kit Forums, The Club House, and Statue Forum were I watched other sculptors and learned. Eventually as my skill level improved, I had the great honor to work for Randy Bowen of Bowen Designs on a couple of projects, Mc Farlane toys were I did piece work on Hockey and Nascar licenses and a couple of Capcom pieces Jill Valentine and G-Virus for Gaya Entertainment. When I'm not doing something relating to art, I hang out with my beautiful wife and family, watch lots of movies, and try to learn as much as I can about art and sculpting.