Chris Ehnot
(Graphic Designer/Illustrator Fallen, Artist - Fathom; Overtaken)
Chris EhnotChris Ehnot is an award-winning graphic designer and freelance illustrator based out of Cleveland, Ohio. His professional designs and artwork are featured in graphic novels, illustration magazines, design annuals and advertising publications. He is illustrating Steam Wars #3 while working his creator-owned comic book series called Fallen. You can find his cover work on: Zenescope's Dark Queen, Wonderland and Wonderland Asylum; Aspen Comics' Fathom, Overtaken, and Soulfire; and Laser Lady Publishing's Laser Lady. Chris has published work in Peter Holland's Sound Waves, Savage Mind Comic Studio's Scarlet Huntress Extended Edition and Scarlet's Field Guide to Cryptids, Panels on Pages 2012 Fangirl of the Month Calendar, Image Comics' Lady Pendragon, Rob Liefeild's Avengelyne, and [C] Comics Studio's 52.
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