Chris Bailey

(Artist - Dirigible Days 998)

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Chris Bailey


Chris Bailey is a freelance artist & writer from southern Indiana with a love for all things comics. With the aid of his trusty lead pencils and acid-free based stationary, the possibilities of what can be created are endless. Current comic projects include Dirigible Days:998, a 'sky-high steam-punk adventure with the extraordinary crew of the S.S.Beatrix. Based on the ever popular steam-punk web series Dirigible Days, the crew embarks on another epic journey one year after the take down of Salazar Strega! The other is Fall of Man. A daunting tale that follows the mysterious cloned half-angel, Seven, as he fights his way through a world infected by fallen angels and demons, cursed weapons and prophecy. He is also busy with creating other mischievously groovy works of art which can be seen at