Chicago Speculative Fiction Community
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Chicago Speculative Fiction CommunityThe Chicago Speculative Fiction Community, or, is Chicagoís oldest active group for meeting about Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Speculative Fiction. We are primarily a social group. Our focus is relaxed socializing. We have a monthly meeting with 40+ attendees at Dave & Busterís on Clark, and several smaller monthly meetings including a book discussion group, gaming, cool movies, and Beer & Bacon! We also have general outings to see new movies or attend local SF conventions.

We are a social group that exists to have fun while discussing our SF interests - comics, gaming, books, movies, tv shows. Whatever your taste, youíll probably find someone who shares at least one of your interests. Our members span the gamut of interests in SF. We have award winning designers and artists in our group, game designers, convention chairs, you name it. We are currently averaging 40-50 attendees each month at our regular meetup on the first Tuesday of the month.
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