Cheeseburger Brown

(Writer - Simon of Space; The Bikes of New York; Sensible Flying Shoes; Hot Buttered Something)

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Cheeseburger Brown


CHEESEBURGER BROWN is the cybernym of a compulsive storyteller and pulp science-fiction wallah based near the North Pole. He is the author of dozens of novellas and short stories, as well as a regular correspondent for the Wetmachine technology website and Footprints magazine. He is also as an award-winning illustrator for his own and other people's works most recently for John Sundman's novel "The Pains" (Rosalita Associates, 2008). Cheeseburger Brown's first full-length novel is "Simon of Space" (Ephemera Bound, 2008). He first gained notoriety by penning the celebrated satire-blog "The Darth Side" in 2005. Mr. Brown likes a nice song, but dances poorly.