Chase Masterson

(Actress - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; General Hospital; Yesterday Was a Lie; Robin Hood: Men in Tights; Terminal Invasion)
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Chase Masterson


Chase Masterson, born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is an American actress and singer.

Masterson portrayed the Bajoran Leeta on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for five years, from 1995 to 1999, and Ivy Lief on General Hospital. Her recent prominent feature film roles include starring as a sultry singer in James Kerwin's sci-fi noir film Yesterday Was a Lie, which she also produced, and voicing Janice Em in the animated film Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. Her television guest starring roles include Sliders (as Kelly, the sister of Wade Welles) and ER.

Masterson was named one of the world's 50 Sexiest Women by the men's magazine Femme Fatales, and the Favorite Science Fiction Actress on Television in a TV Guide reader's poll. In December 2009, AOL named her one of the Ten Sexiest Aliens on TV, reporting that Masterson is regularly voted the most popular guest at Star Trek conventions.

Masterson hosted an Entertainment Tonight-style news program for the Sci Fi Channel in the 1990s called Sci-Fi Entertainment and an Internet-based radio talk show for the website The Fandom in 2004-2005. She released a jazz album entitled Thrill of the Chase, the followp EP AD ASTRA! (Latin for To the Stars!), and the limited edition Crystal Anniversary: Songs from the Holosuite, in honor of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's fifteenth anniversary.

Following a series of stalking incidents instigated by a man in Berlin, Masterson was the plaintiff in Carafano v., a controversial legal case in which the courts ruled against Masterson and expanded the definition of interactive computer services under the Communications Decency Act.

Masterson was named Best Feature Film Producer of 2008 by the LA Femme Film Festival for her work as producer of Yesterday Was a Lie. In 2010, she voiced the role of Leeta, as a hologram, in Cryptic Studio's Star Trek Online.