Charles Thurston

(Artist/Writer/Illustrator - Nighty Night Lil Wampa; Come Along Pond; The Troubled Lil Tribble)

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Charles Thurston


Artist, Writer, Freelance illustrator and Lover of Pie, Orlando Native Charles Thurston has always had a love of pop culture. Creating over 14 (and growing) popular pop culture parody kids books such as Nighty Night Lil Wampa, Come Along Pond and The Troubled Lil Tribble all themed around and parodies of such great pop culture shows and movies as Doctor Who, 'star Wars, Lord of the Rings and 'star Trek allow fans of a much younger age access to the world of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Adventure etc without it being a scary monster or an amazing plot line that goes over their heads. Along with his pop culture mash up paintings he presents all of these in a way that is accessible to fans ages 1 to 100. His motto of Family Friendly Art, For the G33k @ Heart Lets parents share their fandom with the entire family in a new way.