Charles Fleischer

(Voice Actor - Roger Rabbit)

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Charles Fleischer


Beginning his career in the Goodman Theatre in Chicago and the original Laugh-In television show, Charles Fleischer's unique vocal abilities and comedic talent in the critically acclaimed role of Roger Rabbit in the record setting Bob Zemeckis film Who Framed Roger Rabbit brought national awareness to this thinking man's comedic actor. Because of his gigantic comedic talents, recognition of Charles in-the-flesh abilities were first generated for many by his hilarious pairing with Robin Williams at the 1989 Academy Awards show.

In addition to his well-known character of Roger Rabbit, Charles recent outings on celluloid have been the very successful; having just recently appeared in "Funny People" with Adam Sandler and "Zodiac" with Jake Gyllenhaal . Variety said this about his performance in Zodiac, Also making striking impressions are Charles Fleischer as a strange film buff acquaintance of the possible killer.

His appearances in Permanent Midnight with Ben Stiller, 'straight Talk with Dolly Parton and Back to the Future are just glimpses into the brilliance of the Fleischer Talent. Other feature credits include the comedy Nightshift and the horror titles The Hand, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Bad Dreams. His other outings as Roger Rabbit have been double billed with such movie hits as Warren Beatty's Dick Tracy, in which Fleischer was also seen as one of the many leading actors in a cameo appearance.

Fleischer is also the author of The Moleeds, a book of his own mathematical theories which has received resounding praise from academicians. The complex mathematical theories are hilariously woven into many of his comedy performances. His love for and his desire to teach science to children has brought him much recognition. Including an educational CD-ROM for 7th Level titled Virgil Reality, and as host for The Fleischer Files on the Discovery Channel's Next Step