St.Louis Superman Ever since I can remember I was watching superman cartoons and dressing up like every kid would. I first saw superman as Christopher Reeve, when my parents rented me a movie from the library. The more and more I became a fan and followed the character the more I felt I can accomplish my goals. Superman and other superheroes became role models, great people to look up to is the best way to put it.

My interest in this all started when I was dared by family to wear a Superman costume to Halloween on my last year of high school. I received countless suggestions and comments from people telling me that I resembled Superman. After I graduated, (dressing as clark kent and ripping my shirt open on stage) I realized more and more people started saying thing about my likeness.

While going to Metropolis, IL during a birthday trip, I was told about a festival held every year. When I met the people there, I was urged to go! So I got my 1st non-store quality costume and wore it to the Superman Celebration with great success.

To make a long story short, the upgrades to my costumes keep coming and I don't plan on looking back!

Please Check Out My Site: http://www.stlouissuperman.com/about.htm

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