Chad Townsend

(Animation Department - Epic Mickey; The Invincible Iron Man; The Legion of Super-Heroes; Wolverine & The X-Men)

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Chad Townsend


Chad Townsend has worked as a Concept Artist in the Animation and Video game industry for eighteen years. He is best known for his Concept Designs on The Invincible Iron Man animated movie, The Legion of Superheroes TV Series, Wolverine & The X-men TV series and the Video Game Epic Mickey 2 for Disney. Just one of the 20+ video games under his belt.

Chad's current plan is to publish his childhood creations in his very first comic book. Through the power of a Mystical key, he is the walking dead man known only as... The Black Phantom. Drop by his table and ask him all about it, Kid Squid, Iron Man and more. Visit his website