Chad Jasper

(Artist - Freaky Atomic Robot Zombies Studios)

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Chad Jasper


A life-long fan of comic books and comic book art, Chad has kept himself busy outside of his (12+ year) video game career, contributing artwork for several different comic related projects over the years. A few of these projects include penciler on The Skull for Antarctic Press. Character designer, penciler and inker on DiskWars for Fantasy Flight Games. Creating over 40 different board game disks as well as panoramic game box cover illustrations for multiple DiskWars box sets. (Not to mention several commissions for comic style illustrations or caricatures over the years.)

But recently, Chad has united under the Freaky Atomic Robot Zombies Studios banner with his fellow artist buddy Jeff Felson, to create and produce their own brand of whacky comic book related artworks, stories and projects.

Chad's first original comic book title from under the F.A.R.Z. STUDIOS imprint is titled, The Cyberpunk 3000. Look for the first exciting installment to make its public debut at Wizard World Chicago this August 2013!