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CELEBRITY SIGNINGS AT BIG APPLE COMIC CON Ever wanted a chance to chill with your favorite actors, writers and artists? Of course you do, who wouldnít, ands here Big Apple Comic Con is your chance to meet these people and get their signatures.

Over in the south wing of the main convention hall is the main signing area. Thatís where youíll find Adam West, and Julie Newmar, from the old Batman television show. Thatís just the beginning, thereís also Aaron Douglas, and Michael Hogan from the hit remake of Battle Star Galactica who played The Chief and Saul Tigh respectively. Thereís also Miracle Laurie, who played November on Joss Whedonís new show, Dollhouse, and Lauren Hamilton who played Sarah Connor in Terminator 2.

Just walk around and youíll see the familiar faces from many more of your favorite movies and TV. All of them have pictures from the roles youíve come to know them in which you can choose and get signed. Itís open all weekend so to find the celebrities you want to see just wander and ask around.

Also if youíve stopped by the Wizard Booth you could have gotten autographs from people like Joe Quesada, editor in chief of Marvel, and Jim Lee. Then thereís comic book artist Joe Mad whoís been doing several signings at the Darksiders preview area to promote the game which he worked on.

Then one booth over you can get signings from Star Trek legends like William Shatner and Brent Spiner. Itís a great way to meet your idols and get some autographed swag and itís one weekend only here at Big Apple Comic Con.

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