Cast Aways Open Theatre Troupe

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Cast Aways Open Theatre Troupe


The costumed volunteers of the Cast Aways Open Theatre Troupe perform at fairs, festivals, conventions, and charity events. They appear in parades and in films. New Orleans Comic Con attendees are welcomed to come and visit the Royal Court of Cast Aways and participate in the Quest for the King of the Realm. Participants can choose to be knighted by Queen Anne, or be proclaimed a Lady of the Court! Knights will be sent on a quest to perform the most chivalrous of deeds. Ladies are welcomed to join the Royal Panel and vote for their Knight of choice. Knights will be charged to tell the tale of chivalry to the Royal Panel, and the most chivalrous of Knights shall be declared King.

Knights, Ladies, Rennies, Browncoats, Pirates, Gypsies, Steam Punkers, Trekkies, Wenches, Rogues, Comics Enthusiasts, SyFy Fans, Vampires, Storm Troopers, Not-So-Average Joes and Janes, Narcissistic Self-Promoters, SCAers, Dancers, Musicians, Those Who Believe They May Be Shy, Re-enactors, Merchants, Unicyclists, Hot Professional Actors, Spartan Tailors, Film Makers, Playtrons...AND attendees of Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con are welcomed to join in the fun.

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