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Carmen Carnero
(Artist - The Punisher; The Superior Foes of Spider-Man; Suicide Squad; Dial H; Justice League of America)
Carmen CarneroBorn in Malaga, Carmen swears she bumped into the art world, by pure chance. She majored in Fine arts at the University of Granada, and since then, she hasn’t stopped learning. Her training includes, aside of drawing, painting, engraving and photography. She’ done everything in life, from painted portraits to tattoing to teaching “tribal dances”. In the publishing world, she started working as an inker in Aunomati: I Am. A.I for Low Dow Comics. She started penciling with Animal Planet: World´s most dangerous animals for Zenoscope and Redeus: Divine Tales for Crazy 8 Press. After a hardcore training camp, she became a member of Spanish Inq, and she started working for Marvel with some issues of X-Factor’s final storyline. Later, she did some work for DC in two of the Villains Month Specials, Deadshot and Dial E for Evil. Returning to Marvel, she's worked on Superior Foes of Spider-Man #10 and #11, and she's just completed a brief stint as artist on The Punisher ongoing series, first woman ever to do so... Carmen is currently drawing the (Top Secret, to be revealed ASAP) for Marvel, and has another big project waiting on the wings for Dark Horse...

She currently combines her work with her thesis... Let’s see where you get the time to do both, lady! ;)
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