Carlo Pagulayan
(Artist - Hulk; Silver Surfer; X-Men Vs. Agents Of Atlas; The Mighty Avengers; X-Men: First Class; The Invincible Iron Man; Emma Frost; Elektra)
Carlo PagulayanHis first foray into sequential arts was a 3 page tribute to the World Trade Center following the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. He then got his break on Elektra after submitting a pinup he had done on New yearís eve 2002 and has since worked on Marvelís Academy X, Emma Frost, X-men Unlimited, Marvel Adventures Fantastic 4 and most notably on Marvelís Planet Hulk event with Greg Pak. After which he had gone to design Hulkís son Skaar, paired up with Bendis to bring Avengers Annual #2 and then lent his hand bringing back Agents of Atlas with Jeff Parker.

He has also ventured into sculpting and in partnership with Bowen Designs released a Planet Hulk mini bust, with a few more to follow.
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