CAPTAIN SWING #1 Wizard World Toronto Comic Con Exclusive
Cover and Art: Raulo Caceres; Writer: Warren Ellis
CAPTAIN SWING #1 Wizard World Toronto Comic Con ExclusiveThis special edition features and an all-new cover from series artist Raulo Caceres, is limited to just 1000 copies and is available only at Wizard Toronto! From the sparking-mad mind of Warren Ellis, the creator of AETHERIC MECHANICS and DOKTOR SLEEPLESS, comes an electrical romance of a pirate utopia thwarted: CAPTAIN SWING & THE ELECTRICAL PIRATES OF CINDERY ISLAND. This crackling new mini-series is illustrated in Raulo Caceres' stunning woodcut style, and presented in full color. London, 1830: newly-minted copper Charlie Gravel keeps seeing things he's not supposed to. A crooked Bow Street Runner with a flintlock revolver, flying things that are not supposed to fly, and the violent Scientific Phantasmagoria that is christened Spring-Heeled Jack, but is known by other names. It is the time of Captain Swing and his Electrical Pirates, and history will never be the same.

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$3.99 US
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