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Califur is a fan-based group based in Southern California with a diverse audience and diverse programs with a concentration in anthropomorphic artwork and related topics. We are only one of many groups based around the United States and across the world. Each group has their own identity, though all have their own way of showing their support for the artwork.

We seek to create a social network for those interested in these topics and a place to show off one's talent. We are proud that we have such a diverse group of individuals who not only run this group, but also participate in the events we plan. Over the years many different events have taken place where we have gotten together impromptu and planned far in advance. Events range from picnics in the park with games and great barbecue, to hanging out at some local digs and having a great time with great company. Califur is about getting together to talk about common interests, have drawing jams, play games together, and generally doing what we do best, have fun.

Califur is proud to support members of all ages. Members range from high-school age to college students, and beyond. If you have an age, we probably can find an event you can participate in.