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The California Conventions blog isn't just your ordinary nerd subculture fansite. It's a group of friends from all walks of life with common and differing interests that both tie into, foil and compliment each other. We love what we do so much that we simple can't stop talking about it! Since we've got the gift of gab and the information age has made it so easy for us to communicate, we're not about to stop talking anytime soon either. So pull up a chair, get nice and comfortable and come along with us for this wild ride that we know and love as our home state of California's wide and extensive variety of conventions, ranging from special interests like anime, manga, comic books, video games, Asian music, film and fashion and everything else you can imagine in between! Here at the CaliConBlog, just like our staff members share a brother-and-sisterhood, we like to think our readers are another wonderful part of our wacky, excitable family. Welcome home!