Calan Lovstrom

(Creator - Quiver Street)

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Calan Lovstrom


Calan Lovstrom, leads an incredibly busy life. He's a full-time bike messenger, plays bike polo every other day and is the guitarist for the local metal band Warbird. You think that would be enough to fill one's schedule, but on top of all that Lovstrom also finds the time to write, illustrate and produce his own comic book called Quiver St.

The comic follows the lives of four homeless kids, all of which are runaways. The children meet each other under various circumstances and end up squatting in a house on a cul-de-sac named Quiver St. Lovstrom says that ideas for Quiver St. came from his own experiences of living on the streets.

He ran away to Vancouver at the age of 17 and was homeless for about a month before moving into a hostel for another five.

He later moved to Montreal where he continued the same lifestyle for two more months before calling it quits and eventually ending up back in Calgary.

That's basically where it came from. Just the crazy people I met down there and the weird bizarre things that happened, he said. I just figured it was overly good inspiration to start a story.

Quiver St. reflects the chill, laid back personality of its author, but the underlying themes of broken homes and kids on the streets also give the comic a deeper meaning. Influenced by artists such as Ashley Wood and comics like Tekkon Kinkreet, Lovstrom has always been interested in starting his own comic series. He has always collected comics and has been drawing them since elementary school.

He began Quiver St. last year with three pilot issues, but has recently restarted the series with about two years worth of storyline to follow.

If you like doing it then it just kind of happens naturally, he said. It's just fun to watch it write itself almost, you know It's fun to watch it come to fruition.

Lovstrom also plans to hold a few events for Quiver St. saying that the next one will take place in the fall at the Marquee Room. The event will host a couple of bands and local rap artists, while old fashion flipbook animations of the Quiver St. characters talk about the comic between the music. Although he uses his job to support producing his comic now, Lovstrom says it's a gratifying feeling to be doing something he enjoys, calling it a labour of love.

When you have your comic finished, youve printed it finally and you have it in your hands the sense of accomplishment is pretty awesome, he said. I think that's a feeling a lot people dont get in their lives.

Quiver St. is set to be released every month, but Lovestrom says it's working out to be every month and a half, due to his busy schedule and wanting to put out quality work. Right now the only place to get Quiver St. is through the comic's website, but Lovstrom says that he will be getting it into some local shops within the next few months.

-Marina Giannitsos