Bushwacker Luke
(Professional Wrestler, WWE Legend)
Bushwacker Luke


Luke, who was one half of the wackiest teams in wrestling history “Bushwhackers” hails from Down Under (New Zealand) and has been on nation wide TV for the last 28 years, TBS, USA Network and WWE 24-7. He has also been viewed worldwide for 15 years and has worked around the globe both wrestling and doing Public Appearances and has become loved by everyone.
This eccentric farm boy with Butch his partner from “Down Under” mesmerized millions of fans from all walks of life, young, old, rich and poor from all corners of the globe. Touring over 44 countries they soon became Household names and the most entertaining tag team in the Pro Wrestling history, winning numerous titles around the world but not only being champions in the ring but champs to numerous charities, America Cancer Society, “Make a Wish” Foundation, Special Olympics, the Fox Network for under privilege kids and for George M. Steinbrenner’s “Homeless Kids Program, the duo put there hearts as well as there energy into helping good causes.
Also Luke worked many trade shows, conventions, Home Shopping Network and QVC both here and overseas. He also worked “Personality Squares”; Regis Philbin show but the most memorable TV Show was WARNER BROTHER “Family Matters” with Steve Urkel.

Luke is still active in USA and around the world Wrestling and doing Public Appearances.
Championships he and his partner held in USA
UWF (Mid-South) tag-team champions
...defeating Ted DiBiase and Steve "Dr. Death" Williams
Mid-Atlantic tag-team champions
...defeating Buzz Sawyer and Matt Borne
Florida tag-team champions
...defeating Steve Keirn and Mike Graham
Southern tag-team champions
...defeating the Fabulous Ones, Steve Keirn and Stan Lane
Pacific Northwest tag-team champions
...defeating Adrian Adonis and Ron Starr
...defeating Stan Stasiak and Dutch Savage
...defeating Rowdy Roddy Piper and Rick Martel
Southeastern tag-team champions
...won a one-night tournament
Southwest Texas version of World tag-team championship
...defeating the Fabulous Ones, Steve Keirn and Stan Lane
Southwest tag-team champions
...defeating the masked Grapplers, Len Denton and Tony Anthony
Stampede International tag-team champions
...defeating Bill Cody and Bob Pringle
...defeating Tokyo Joe and Great Saki
World Wrestling Council tag-team champions
...defeating Medic and Invader III
...defeating Rock ?N? Roll RPMs, Mike Davis and Tommy Lane ...defeating Mark Youngblood and Chris Youngblood
North American tag-team champions
...defeating the Invaders
...defeating Medic and Invader III
Canadian tag-team champions
...defeating Rowdy Roddy Piper and Rick Martel
International All-Star Wrestling tag-team champions
...defeating the Headshrinkers, Samu and Fatu

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