Bunnie Ferro

(Jewelry Designer)

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Bunnie Ferro


My family and I are Missionaries and work with the homeless and less fortunate in the USA, Mexico, Haiti, Honduras and Africa. I began making and selling jewelry and other items to fund our Church Youth group's events and our Missionary work. I opened a small craft shop just before my husband was deployed for the first time in being deployed in 2003. I repurpose old furniture and other items into unique functional pieces and all of my pieces are a one-of-a-kind piece, no two items are the same...... some may be similar, but not the same. I make a variety of items (jewelry, furniture, etc.) from Steam Punk, Zombie, Victorian and Super Hero genre using vintage pieces and parts from other items. I began doing Toy/Comic Cons 3 years ago, and it is something that I do with two of my children who are in college and still live at home. I am very passionate about my homeless people and with each sale of my items someone, somewhere who is homeless and hurting will be able to be given a hand up because of that! I am also able to keep my prices at a minimum because, when I can, I use other people's junk.