Bryan “Kaiser” Tillman

(Owner - Kaiser Studio, Editor - Torment; The Solution, Lead Artist - Dark Legacy: The Rising)

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Bryan Tillman


Bryan Tillman is currently the academic director for Game Art and Design, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, Media Arts and Animation and Visual Game Programming at the Art Institute of Washington DC. He has an MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design, with a focus in sequential art and a minor in drawing.

Bryan is the owner and CEO of the Kaiser Studio Productions, a production studio for comics, toys, animation, and games. Within Kaiser Studio Productions Bryan Tillman wears many hats. He is a sculptor for toys. He is the editor for all the comic books that come out from the studio. He also does layout and illustrations for multiple projects that are being worked on.

Bryan is currently working on a tabletop RPG titled Dark Legacy that is starting to make waves within the RPG world.