Bryan Hitch

SPECIAL GUEST (Artist - America's Got Powers; The Punisher; Wolverine: The Best There Is; Kick-Ass; Captain America: America's Avenger; Avengers; The Amazing Spider-Man; The Ultimates; Fantastic Four; Iron Man; Incredible Hulk; JLA; Superman; Uncanny X-Men; X-Men)

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Bryan Hitch


Born in 1970, Bryan began drawing comics professionally at the age of sixteen for Marvel's UK division in 1987. Initially working on licensed properties such as Transformers and Action Force (GI JOE) and later the original title, Death's Head. After working on She-Hulk for Marvel America he spent a few years at DC Comics working on various projects including Superman.

When Marvel UK, under the editorial direction of Paul Neary, began a new line of American Format comics, Hitch went to work creating their first crossover event, Mystech Wars. Several X-Men projects followed before, in 1998, he joined Warren Ellis at Wildstorm productions to complete the last few issues of Stormwatch.

It was such a successful collaboration that the writer and artist worked together again, this time creating The Authority, a groundbreaking and genre-defining look at superheroes. The Authority has been credited with creating a new age of widescreen comics and, after a brief period on DC Comic's Justice League of America, Hitch further consolidated this modern approach by joining with writer Mark Millar to create The Ultimates for Marvel comics.

A multi-award winning title, the Ultimates, called by Time Magazine, the most influential comic of the decade, was a critical and commercial success. The Ultimates featured as their leader a fresh and militaristic take on the iconic Captain America. In a post 9-11 world, the heroes didnt stop villains, they fought Super Terrorism. Lasting 26 extended issues over two volumes, the series final issue featured a breathtaking eight page gatefold spread of the team in action against the hordes of Asgard. Widescreen comics indeed. It's huge influence on Marvel's ridiculously successful movie franchise, notably Avengers, hasnt gone unnoticed, indeed has been cited by both Writer/Director Joss Whedon (who also wrote the introduction to the Ultimates HC) and production designer James Chinlund.

Since Ultimates ended six years ago, Hitch and Millar have collaborated on a successful run of Marvel's Fantastic Four before Bryan joined writer Ed Brubaker to bring Captain America back from the dead in Reborn and Brian Bendis on the upcoming Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

Outside of comics, Hitch has worked as the designer of the computer game, Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and was the key designer on the BBC's 2005 relaunch of its legendary Doctor Who TV series.

Bryan also contributed designs to JJ Abrams Star Trek movie, notably Spock's spaceship.

After more than ten years with Marvel, Bryan recently became independent and has embarked on new Creator Owned projects through Image. First is the highly acclaimed AMERICA's GOT POWERS with British Television legend Jonathan Ross. There are many more exciting things coming but he cant tell you what they are yet...

Bryan lives in London with his wife and five children, in a house hed rather like to extend.