Bruno Surdo

(Chairperson - Art Department at Ray College)

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Bruno Surdo


Bruno Surdo fervently believes that art should present powerful images that reflect the idea, aspirations, and attitudes of its time. His works address issues of our day and age the way great artists of the past centuries captured their time. Surdo employs the human figure with the same drama and pathos as seen in the works of the Renaissance. Like these past masters Surdo's realist approach is grounded in the sound painting methods and practices of that period.

Born in Chicago, Surdo began his formal an instruct ion in 1979 when his family moved back to his parents hometown of Mala di Bari, Italy. There, at the age of fifteen, he studied drawing and an history at the Licea Artistico. Returning to Chicago, he studied at the American Academy of Art. He later attended the Atelier Lack in Minneapoli s, a school where studio training is modeled after Renaissance workshops. There he learned traditional methods of drawing and painting. Surdo continued to build upon his foundation of historical painting techniques by enrolling in the Studio Cecil-Graves in Florence, Italy. At the studio Surdo learned the traditional methods of grinding pigments. making varnishes and oil mediums. He also perfected his knowledge of anatomy and of landscape and still-life painting.

Surdo is chairperson of the Art Department at Ray College of Design. In 1993 he founded the School of Representational An in Evanston. Its success has just necessitated a move to a larger site in Chicago.

Surdo's work as a painter stands upon the shoulders of art's predecessors. His painting methods. subjects and compositional arrangements demonstrate an intimate knowledge of art history and historical studio practices. All of this is brought to bear on contemporary issues in a language that is accessible to all, yet full of poetry and mystery.