Bruce Lugli
(Artist - Advent Comics)
Bruce LugliDiego “Bruce” Lugli grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina and starting drawing at an early age. He began studying Art at “Asociación Estimulo de Bellas Artes” in 1995. Then, he studied comic with Osvaldo Oswal Viola, Sonoman’s creator, at “Escuela de Dibujo Carlos Garaycochea” in 1998. He started working professionally at Young & Rubicam when he became the main illustrator’s assistant, he drew story boards and gained experience during those four years. After this, he worked for some local companies until he began exploring the international market three years ago. He illustrated children’s books for Indian publisher “Little Pearl Books” and for a Chinese publisher as well,”kidsonenglish”. He also made several books, ebooks and greeting cards. He had the opportunity to develop some comic books for independent writers as well as designing characters for Advent Comics.

He is willing to keep on learning and is always studying to improve his skills. He hopes to continue his journey into the entertaining business.
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