Brian Tochi & Curtis Armstrong, REVENGE OF THE NERDS, Coming to Philadelphia Comic Con!

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Brian Tochi & Curtis Armstrong, REVENGE OF THE NERDS, Coming to Philadelphia Comic Con!


Takashi: Excuse please, but why do they call you booger; Booger: [picking his nose] I dont know.

Revenge of the Nerds is a 1984 American comedy film about social life on a college campus. The film stars Robert Carradine and Anthony Edwards, with Curtis Armstrong, Ted McGinley, Julia Montgomery, Brian Tochi, Larry B. Scott, Michelle Meyrink, John Goodman, and Donald Gibb. The film was directed by Jeff Kanew.

The film's storyline chronicles a group of nerds trying to stop harassment by the persecuting jock fraternity, the Alpha Betas. Revenge of the Nerds is #91 on Bravo's 100 Funniest Movies.

Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise is the 1987 sequel to the 1984 comedy Revenge of the Nerds. Its cast featured most of the main actors from the earlier film, including Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards (in a smaller role), Curtis Armstrong, Larry B. Scott, Timothy Busfield, Donald Gibb, and Andrew Cassese. This film also provided an early starring role for Courtney Thorne-Smith. Other cast members include Bradley Whitford, Ed Lauter, and Barry Sobel.

One of the movie trailers parodies the trailer of Poltergeist II: The Other Side where they pan the inside of a house, then the phone rings, and the person sitting in the chair facing away from the camera picks up, then the person turns to reveal its Heather O'Rourke's character, Carol-Ann, who says Theyre Back. In the Nerds version, Robert Carradine's character, Lewis, turns and says Were Back! and does his infamous nerd laugh.

Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation is a 1992 sequel to the 1984 comedy Revenge of the Nerds.

In the beginning of the movie a new generation of nerds rule the Adams College campus, upholding the traditions of nerds from the first film. The Alpha Betas are now respectful of the nerds prominence and even wish they could get more nerds to join their frat. However, this changes when Orrin Price (Morton Downey, Jr.), becomes a member of the Adams College Board of Regents and a new generation of jocks come to campus, including Orrin's obnoxious son and a brain-dead jock named Bobo. Stan Gable is now a pathetic motorcycle police officer whom Orrin Price implausibly installs as the new Dean of Students. Gable and Price rally the ABs to cause trouble for the nerds, whose group now includes an obese English inductee (who is depicted wearing a kilt) and a Korean Elvis impersonator (who notes that he is South Korean, when asked about his accent). Early anti-nerd actions include the vandalizing of the Computer Science Center and a raid that ruins the Tri-Lamb new membership party.

Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love is a 1994 sequel to the 1984 comedy Revenge of the Nerds and the followp films in 1987 and 1992.

In this movie, Dudley Booger Dawson (Curtis Armstrong) is getting married to his Omega Mu girlfriend Jeannie (Corinne Bohrer), but the father of the bride tries to stop them, as he is not keen on welcoming the likes of Booger into his family, despite the fact Dudley would be a good husband to Jeannie as they share many common interests. Jeannie's father works with his loathsome son-in-law Chip (the husband of Jeannie's older sister) to find a way to discredit Booger and cause Jeannie to call off the wedding. Lewis Skolnick and the other nerds discover the conspiracy and work to save Booger's wedding ceremony from being torpedoed. In a subplot, Lewis wife Betty is pregnant with their first child, and is in her third trimester as the wedding date approaches.