Britt Griffith

(Investigator - Ghost Hunters; Ghost Hunters International)

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Britt Griffith


Britt was born and raised in Southern California where he grew up in and around the Hollywood business behind the cameras. He had his hands in anything from paging, security, props and set building to production assisting. In his late twenties, Britt ventured off the Hollywood path, and for 13 years worked a very dangerous blue collar job running heavy equipment at an asphalt manufacturing plant.

One of Britt's lifelong hobbies is investigating claims of the paranormal. This led him to a friendship with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, the stars of the hit SyFy show Ghost Hunters. In 2008 Jason reached out to Britt and asked if he would like to come out and help on a very large case they had coming up. Britt said yes, and now finds himself working all over the world in front of the camera investigating the paranormal.

When Britt is not filming on Ghost Hunters, he keeps busy working on other projects and working on his acting with his coach. He also makes appearances at multiple guest events all over the country, where he lectures and leads paranormal investigations or promoting his latest project. Recently he has been seen on several other TV shows and movies. He has worked on the Food Network Challenge, Run This Town, RWG, and can be seen in Two De Force, Chillerama, and Azinda.

Britt also works with multiple Dyslexia Foundations to bring awareness to this learning disability. Having grown up with Dyslexia, Britt knows first hand the challenges those with Dyslexia have. Britt had straight A's through the 5th Grade, without learning to read or write. The school system had failed to diagnose the problem, instead choosing to pass him through to the next grades, thus failing him as a student. If not for the Dyslexia Foundation research program at Chapman University that his parents enrolled him in, who knows where he would be today. To give back, Britt spends his free time mentoring kids with learning disabilities like Dyslexia.

Britt is available to lecture on his knowledge and experience of the paranormal and about growing up with Dyslexia.