Brin Londo


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Brin Londo


Starting back as far as 1989, Brin Londo, known only then as Jeff Holland, began replicating costumes based on the Michael Keaton version of the Batman movie franchise.

When Brin is not on the road performing with his music group, The Jeff Holland Band, he started making his own props and costumes and would later become a leading props maker in the cosplay community.

Brin made his first comic con appearance in 2000, as Batman and got a major positive response from the fans and comic book artist.

Brin helped to co-found, The Brotherhood of the Bat, (specializing in the Batman universe and costuming) and later became one of the founders of The League of Heroes which encompassed every other heroes and villains known.

Brin currently works to educate, and nurture costumers and cosplayers, and now is one of the most respected cosplayers to date. He has also started his own company, Cavedeller's Costumes and Props

Brin has done many charity functions in raising money for programs to help children. Currently, Brin will be staring in the widely anticipated fan-film, Kingdom Come.