Brian Tochi

(Actor - Revenge of the Nerds; Revenge of the Nerds II; Star Trek; Star Trek: The Next Generation, Voice Actor - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; The Iron Giant)

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Brian Tochi


Film audiences & television viewers know Brian as a star of several hit films, a collection of 6 television series, theater, and a multitude of guest-starring and co-starring roles in episodic television.

In film, Brian has starred and co-starred in a myriad of motion pictures and their sequels. Some of his hit films include: the original Revenge of the Nerds plus 2 of its sequels, as well as Police Academy III & IV, where his creation of outlandish characters have been the prototype for countless other portrayals in television, commercials and feature film productions. Another hugely successful film franchise is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movies: I, II, & III, where he voiced the pizza lovin Leader of the Turtles, LeonardO' in the first original live action film plus TMNT 2: Secret of the Ooze and TMNT 3: Back in Time.

In television, Brian's work is diverse and highly acclaimed, having worked on hundreds of television projects many being co-star & guest-starring roles. Since early on he has starred in numerous television series, including his first, Anna and the King (opposite Yul Brynner for CBS), 'space Academy (CBS), The Renegades (ABC), and 'santa Barbara (NBC). Also, for over 3 1/2 years, Brian was named Host and Star of his own CBS television series entitled Razzmatazz, produced by the same team that brought us 60 Minutes, garnering the network a Daytime Emmy in the process.

Another unique series outing came from Time/Warner's Channel One, the educational news program with a daily viewership that reached over 11.5 million students. His 2 1/2 year involvement not only included Hosting and Narrating duties, but also utilized his talents as a Writer, Producer, and Segment Director, as well as naming him Chief Foreign Correspondent for the show.

After such an extensive tenure in front of the camera, Brian has also focused his attention on Directing and creating unique projects, he co-wrote, produced and directed the sci-fi Tales of a Fly on the Wall, a live action comedy casting several of his friends in lead roles, it included fellow actors Roscoe Lee Browne, Revenge of the Nerds co-star Curtis Armstrong and Police Academy 3: Back in Training co-star Leslie Easterbrook. In 2005, Brian was one of the winners of the Hollywood Film Festival's Hollywood Screenplay Awards, taking home top honors for co-writing the screenplay, In the Heat of the Light. He continues with his directing, producing, and screenwriting careers.

Of interest for STAR TREK & Science Fiction Aficionados...

Brian Tochi is one of the only living actors in STAR TREK history to ever have appeared in an original STAR TREK (TOS) episode, and then return - over 20 years later - to appear in another newer episode of a STAR TREK Series. They are; STAR TREK (TOS) episode #60, And The Children Shall Lead and STAR TREK (TNG) episode #191, Night Terrors.

Some of Brian's other Science Fiction endeavors are the 'sPACE ACADEMY series, the first 3 TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE Movies, and a favorite Award winning episode of THE NEW TWILIGHT ZONE, entitled Wong's Lost and Found Emporium as the title character.