Brian A. Terranova


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Brian A. Terranova


Brian has always been interested in the arts ever since a very early age, always displaying artistic talent with comic book art, music and acting. Over the years he would serves as one of the frontmen for his band Burning Autumn providing both rhythm guitar and lead vocals. The stage felt like a natural habitat to Brian and acting on stage quickly became a new home. But his true love of acting would lie in film which lead him to became part of the team making independent films such as Annoying Brian where he tied for best actor on in 2005 and which also got it's big screen debut at the Phoenixville Film Festival in 2009.

Utilizing his knowledge of the TV show Doctor Who Brian became involved with the fan run news, article and review site Originally starting a reviewer and opinion piece writer, Brian quickly grew to become part owner and one third of the trio of PodKasters (with a K) for the site.

Doctor Who would prove very important to his future as it was his love of both the show and acting that would lead him to the world of Cosplay. In 2011 he attended the PA Ren Faire as the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who and had an experience he would not forget. Never breaking character he was asked to join the Ren Faire parade where he marched around the grounds acting as if he owned the place, just as the Doctor himself would have.

After the Ren Faire Brian started attending cons in costume as the Tenth Doctor and quickly became known for his performance as the beloved Time Lord which lead to guesting on panels at three conventions and later attending a wedding as part of a wedding gift from the bride to the groom. There he and his future self and companion danced the night away providing smiles and fun for an entire room of guests. It was then that he realized that Cosplaying had changed his life forever in the most fantastic way.

Acting and entertaining has long been in Brian's blood and the Cosplay world would serve as a new outlet to entertain the world! One con at a time. With each new con, Brian met more and more brilliant and inspiration people that he is proud to call his friends. Together their creativity knows no bounds.

Since his first costume of the Doctor, Brian has upgraded and added to it multiple times as well added the Marvel Comic character Tony Stark to his now growing Cosplay Catalog.

When Brian is not Cosplaying, PodKasting (with a K), or acting he is probably off saving the universe.