Brian Naydol

(Founder - Pulp Productions, Writer/Director - The Barlow House)

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Brian Naydol


Brian Naydol (Founder of Pulp Productions; writer / director Victims of Fun, The Barlow House) Brian Naydol is the founder of Pulp Productions, a small Indie production studio based outside Chicago. Brian has produced, written and directed over forty web episodes and short films as well as two feature films, Victims of Fun (2013) and The Barlow House (2014). Currently, he is in pre-production of his third film, a rock and roll thriller called Darkness Has Covered My Light which will film in the Chicagoland area and will be followed by his second horror film, Until the End of Time. In 2016, he will work on his dream film, the Civil War epic "Measure of Devotion." He is also currently shooting a weekly Youtube based cooking show called Fryin' With Brian which will premiere July 13. You can see some of Pulp Production's work on Youtube and VHX or follow his work on the Pulp Productions Films Facebook page.