Brian Naydol
(Founder - Pulp Productions, Writer/Director - The Barlow House)
Brian NaydolBrian Naydol is the founder of Pulp Productions, a small Indie production studio based in northern Illinois. Brian has produced, written and directed over forty web episodes and short films in the past five years including “Roomies,” “Bumpkinism: A Clown Thing,” and “Pizzodyssey.” In 2013, Brian single-handedly wrote, produced and directed his first feature length film, “Victims of Fun,” which premiered in Chicago in February 2014. Currently, Pulp Productions and Brian are finishing a new feature length horror film he also wrote and directed, "The Barlow House" which will be released in March and he is preparing to work on two new feature films this year. You can see some of Pulp Production’s work on Youtube, user Pulp Productions and VHX.
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