Brian McNally

(Artist - Oberon Destroyers: A Tale of Three Heroes)

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Brian McNally


Raised in Sacramento, Brian ran away to be a bohemian painter in San Francisco in 1988, establishing his unique style preferences. In 1996 he moved back to Japan, and stayed for 16 years, a fluent speaker of Japanese. In 2009, he returned to Sacramento and produced a series of fundraisers for Sacramento NPOs, featuring original music and comedy acts from SF, Oakland, and Sacramento. They got great applause from a large audiences (see events page) and raised money for a worthy cause.

In 2012, Brian bought a house in Portland and set to work full time on his original graphic novel series written for a general audience. The Team: Japan's Greatest Ninja, a Sacramento Local Loverboy that pilots an alien giant, a Slacker Intellectual from Crow World (now homeless). It explores the connections between heroism, free will, finding a more authentic self, and overcoming obstacles while retaining a sense of virtue. Influences include anime, Kaiju and manga classics like Kikaider, Showa Gojira, and Evangelion; 60s Marvel epics, Whedon, and Rucka; and modern Indy authors like Gene Yang and Alison Bechdel. 2014 is also the year Brian beat colon cancer after two years, and Wizard World Sacramento's Artist Alley will be his first official industry debut with his new series, Oberon Destroyers. See lots more about that and preview art @