Brian Gregory
Brian GregoryBrian Gregory, was born in Philadelphia, raised in Camden, New Jersey

Actor, Writer, Producer, and Sound Designer

Brian Gregory started cosplaying in 2010 ,but made an impact in the fan film Clash In The Knight, He served in The U.S. Army during the Operation Desert Shield Desert Storm Conflict, body guarded Pro wrestlers and confounded the Independent Together Brothers Productions. With the release of the fan films Final Escalation, Legion Of Injustice, and The upcoming Joe Files, Brian Gregory is an internationally known highly appreciated Cosplayer in the Pop Culture community . Brian Gregory was featured in the Mark Cheng fan film GI Joe Operation Red Retrieval and Ikuzo Studios Merc Force. Brian Gregory was also one of the featured Cosplayers in the Avengers Vs Xmen Cosplay Mash up for Marvel Comics. Brian Gregory's likeness was used in the Big City Comics Studio graphic novel Whore.

He is a member of the League Of Heroes a cosplay community forum and East Coast Avengers taking part in Charity and Community Events in NJ, PA, DC, MD and VA. Brian Gregory has guested at multiple Conventions, Judged Costume Contest and Participated on guest panels.
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