Brett Hatfield
(Artist - Buzzkills; Deathless; Super Jesus)
Brett HatfieldA California-born, Kentucky-raised artist who has recently graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BA in Studio Art and a focus in printmaking, Brett primarily uses the silkscreen technique to create 3-Dimensional prints that reference the pop culture he finds most intriguing - namely movies, music, and video games. Another focus of Brettís work is in the realm of illustration. He is working on publishing several childrenís books and comic book - he has a book featuring his illustrations in production at Children Inc. His other projects include Mimics, Oliver Montgomery and the Mystery House, and The Littlest Christmas Penguin. His comics include Buzzkills, Deathless, and Super Jesus, and it is his goal to continue writing and illustrating books in the hopes that they are published.

Recently Brett has been attending local comic and game conventions and selling his prints there, as well as his prolific collection of handmade artistís trading cards featuring favorites of the genres. Brett has been spending his post-graduate time working, both on his artistic endeavors and part-time, and spending time with his totally awesome girlfriend - Man is she cool! ;D
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