Brett Brooks
(Author/Illustrator - Dust Bunny)
Brett BrooksBrett is the author and illustrator of the noir graphic novel Dust Bunny, which was self-published in 2013 and has recently begun itís convention tour for this year. Dust Bunny follows the crime-fighting rabbit and his resilient partner, Mite, as they embark on an investigation to discover who is issuing burn notices throughout Basement City. Still young in its publication, the book has already pushed over 500 copies and received positive reviews from The Nerd Cave, Place To Be Nation, Turtles Do It, and Time For Comics. Brettís industry credits include The Walt Disney Company, Mars Inc., Hard Rock Cafe, Game Salute, and The Food Network. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where he freelances full-time. His current body of work may be viewed at and
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