Brandon DiCamillo

(Actor - Jackass; Viva la Bam)

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Brandon DiCamillo


Brandon DiCamillo, born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, is a founding member of the CKY Crew and has risen to fame through appearances in the CKY videos. Some of his starring roles include MTV's Jackass, Jackass: The Movie, Jackass Number Two, Jackass 2.5, Hotdog Casserole, Viva la Bam and Bam's Unholy Union. He played Falcone and various other characters in Haggard The Movie. He played Ponce and Rut Ru in Minghags The Movie. He is a professional stunt man and performed stunts in the movies Assassination of a High School President, The Wrestler and I Am Legend. DiCamillo is a comedic voice talent and is particularly known for his freestyle raps (especially his "Chinese Freestyle" from CKY2K), off the cuff lyrics, silly characters and prank phone calls. DiCamillo is credited with the idea of "Shopping Carts" and many other trademark stunts from Jackass and the CKY videos. He was also in the band Gnarkill. Cattle Bag, a dvd with ridiculously original and crazy segments, is written, produced and directed by Brandon. Brandon is officially recognized as the all time world record holder for the highest score in Mortal Kombat.