Brandon Badeaux
(Artist - Batman: Arkham City; Superman; Star Wars; G.I. Joe; Green Lantern; Wonder Woman; Wetworks; The Authority; Gears of War)
Brandon BadeauxBrandon Badeaux is an artist from New Orleans. He attended the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he majored in sequential art. While still in college, he got his first assignment from DC, drawing ‘Superman: Man of Steel.’ He also worked on titles like ‘Harley Quinn,’ ‘Green Lantern,’ ‘Weapon X,’ ‘Marrow,’ and ‘G.I. Joe,’ before landing at Dark Horse to work on their ‘Star Wars’ titles, including ‘Star Wars: Republic,’ ‘Star Wars: Empire,’ ‘Star Wars: Rebellion’ and the ‘Nomad’ mini-series in Star Wars Tales. Later, he returned to DC to work on such titles as Gears of War, Resident Evil, Wetworks, and the Authority before being chosen to design villains for the Arkham City video game
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