Bradley Hudson

(Publisher - Coldstream Studios)

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Brad Hudson has been an artist/instructor at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore for 13 years. He developed a Sequential Arts concentration that began in the Fall of 2009. Hudson is a prolific artist; he has recently been focusing his energies developing his body of comic book illustrations and characters. Hudson publishes his comics under the moniker of Coldstream Studios and has developed numerous characters including Draxx (with Chris Harrington), Rocket Girl, and Dark Crusader. His latest imprint, Tales From the OEP, is an anthology series that incorporates stories from various artists. It often features stories and art form UMES Alumni and current students. In addition to his own titles, Hudson frequently contributes work other independent anthologies and illustrates other indie comics. Two recent international projects are Slowheart with UK scribe Adam Cheal and Pinp Comix with Belgian Gallery owner and art director Paul Grisar. Hudson continues to practice the art of printmaking specializing in lithography and relief printing. Hudson's recent interests have been focused on the Pinps of the 40s and 50s, classic illustration, and contemporary pattern, iconography and graffiti. He continues to exhibit locally and nationally and participates in numerous national comic book conventions with students from UMES.