Bonn Adame
(Hound Comics, Co-Creator/Artist - Masters of the Obvious)
*Courtesy of Oz Wars Promotions
Bonn AdameBonn Adame, born at a very young age, sprouted a full beard in mere seconds post birth. Soon after, he bested a dragon with a number two pencil and Bonn and the pencil became inseparable. In all seriousness, Bonn began drawing as a child by studying comics voraciously. He has illustrated such indie comics as Like a Slicker in the Rain, The Well-Played Game and a silent retelling of Icarus and the Sun. In 2011, Bonn took over art chores on Dan Price’s project, Latex Avenger, and the two co-created Masters of the Obvious for Hound Comics this year.

“Gimme something to crush...” -- Bonn Adame
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