Bob Rue

(Artist - Sarouk Shop)

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Bob Rue


Name: Bob RUE

DOB:August 3, 1946

Residence: New Orleans, LA

Occupation:Owner, operator of Sarouk Shop, Antique oriental rugs, New Orleans

Astrology:Leo, Sun; Libra, Moon; Scorpio, Rising: Four planets in Leo at Mid-Heaven

Point of View: Strange

Art Training:Self taught

Awards: Two Best of Show at Pirates Alley Art Show, New Orleans: 1972 and 1986

Drawings:Pen and ink Rueters (My Creatures)

Influences:Joan Miro, Hieronymus Bosch, S. Clay Wilson (see Zap comics: Checkered Demon and Ruby the Dyke)

High School:Tarpon Springs, Florida, graduated 1964

College:Tulane University on a football scholarship

BA in English Literature, 1968

BA in American History, 1968, Minor in Art History

Photo:Me in the same costume I have worn on Mardi Gras Day for 25 years

Honors:King of the Mardi Gras MOM's Ball (Mystic Orphans and Misfits), 1997.

Bartender at Pat O'Brien's, New Orleans

Statement:My art is funny, sardonic, political, religious, and skeptical