Billy Greer
(Writer/Artist - NeverNormal)
Billy GreerAs you may know, there is a fine line between genius and insanity. Meet the fellow who straddles that line like a manic circus performer. If it wasn’t “Dwayne” his middle name would surely be “original.” He is, the self-proclaimed king of all things odd: Billy Greer. Both a writer and an artist, he has been practicing his craft for many years through comic strips, short stories and a novel. A few years ago Billy created the darkly humorous comic series “Gloomy and Friends” a project that he has spent a lot of effort promoting. Like all artists, Billy desires nothing more than to share his work with the world and is ever looking for a publisher. His enterprise goes by the name of NeverNormal Studio. So be sure to drop by and say hello if you find yourself at the Austin Comicon this November. I promise he doesn’t bite…much.
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