WWE Superstar Big Show

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*Appearing SATURDAY 12:30 - 3:30PM

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WWE Superstar Big Show



WWE Superstar Big Show's Saturday Schedule:
12:30PM Photo Ops
1:15PM Autographs
3:00PM Q&A Panel

Reminiscent of such goliaths as Andre the Giant and Big John Studd, Big Show is a feared competitor who intimidates opponents with his size and stare alone. The World's Largest Athlete's measurements are astounding. He weighs 441 pounds, stands a mighty 7-feet tall, wears a 22 EEEEE size shoe and boasts a 64-inch chest. It's no surprise then that his in-ring debut left a crater-sized impression on the likes of Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair in WCW, where the young giant captured the WCW Championship on two occasions, along with the WCW Tag Team Championship.

In 1999, Show emerged as a global star upon signing with WWE, where he collided with Superstars of great acclaim and captured a slew of titles, including the WWE Championship. From 'stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock to The Undertaker and Triple H, there's no top name in the business who hasnt succumbed to the man's battering ram of a fist. He's even gone toe-to-toe with world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., who only managed to clean Show's clock at WrestleMania XXIV with the aid of brass knuckles.

On a lighter note, The World's Largest Athlete happens to be the world's largest fan of the Rat Pack. He's also an expert auto mechanic and owns a 64-foot yacht dubbed 'showdaddie. And unlike the giants before him, Big Show harbors a sense of humor, which he put on full display in WWE Studios 2010 theatrical release, Knucklehead.

Yet make no mistake, Show, the first man to capture the WWE, WCW and ECW Championships, is still more proficient at delivering punches than punchlines. At 2011's Vengeance, he unleashed a devastating half-ton superplex on Mark Henry, which not only shook the ring to its core, but also caused it to implode. Now that's high impact. At WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2011, Show captured his first World Heavyweight Championship and won the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania XXVIII, marking another first for WWE's giant.

The World's Largest Athlete took a hiatus in summer 2013 but returned in early fall to voice disapproval over COO Triple H's heavy-handed rule of the organization. At the 27th annual Survivor Series, Big Show threatened the reign of The Authority-endorsed WWE Champion, Randy Orton. The title was all but in the challenger's massive hands, until the sudden arrival of The Authority enabled The Viper to drop the distracted giant.

With WrestleMania 30 just around the corner, Big Show currently has his sights set on winning the inaugural Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Acknowledging the comparisons to The Eighth Wonder of the World that have followed him his entire career, the giant vowed to reign supreme over 29 fellow Superstars. He displayed his dominance over fellow Battle Royal competitors in subsequent battles on Raw. First, he chokeslammed Damien Sandow to win an Eight-Man Tag Team Match on March 17, then he demolished Titus O'Neil one week later, dropping the former Prime Time Player with a KO Punch.

The World's Largest Athlete put up an honorable effort at WrestleMania 30 in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, outlasting 28 Superstars. However, it was Cesaro who cemented his place in history by hoisting Big Show over the top rope to win the prized trophy.

Still in possession of the world's largest mean streak, Big Show remains a monstrous threat. Best of luck to anyone who crosses his path.