Ben Cohen

(Co-Creator - Creators of Dinoman)

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Ben Cohen


Brothers Jeff and Ben Cohen have been creating comics since they were kids. Dinoman in particular has been their labor of love for nearly twenty years. It all started in the late 80's with inane stories crudely rendered on sheets of loose-leaf paper, and has since grown into what it is today inane stories crudely rendered on slightly better quality paper.

After shelving their creative aspirations for more than a decade to attend school and attempt to earn a living the old-fashioned way, in 2008 the Brothers Cohen made the bold decision to return to their roots and rescue Dinoman from creative limbo (in truth, they both lost their real jobs to the terrible economy and figured, let's give this a try!). They have since produced two full issues of Dinoman with a third on the way (plus a special 8-page short available for free!), and have even succeeded in infiltrating a few unsuspecting comic stores in the Philly area.