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Run With ‘Big Dog Ink’ @ Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con

“Legend of Oz: The Wicked West,” “Critter” “Ursa Minor” and “Penny for Your Soul!”
Run With ‘Big Dog Ink’ @ Wizard World St. Louis Comic ConRun With ‘Big Dog Ink’ At Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con

Wizard World shows and comic book conventions are great places to learn about independent titles that fans may not have heard of previously. Often these books are not as well represented on store shelves, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future. Fans may be surprised to learn that some of their favorite TV shows such as “The Walking Dead” and movies such as “Surrogates,” “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” and “Kick Ass” started as independent/small press comic books.

Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con attendees can visit the Big Dog Ink booth (No. 321) for the opportunity to take a look at independent and small press comic book publishers to check out their original titles. The booth will have several hit comic book series available, including “Legend of Oz: The Wicked West,” a western reimagining of “The Wizard of Oz,” Big Dog Ink’s super hero comic book “Critter” and its horror titles “Ursa Minor” and “Penny for Your Soul.” You never know when the book you pick up at a comic book convention today may become tomorrow’s hit TV show or movie.

Big Dog Ink will also allow fans to meet creator Tom Hutchison, the writer behind many of the publisher’s books as he will be signing at the booth all weekend. Tom is always happy to review portfolios of aspiring artists and give them feedback on their art and great tips to try to break in.

The Big Dog Ink booth will also feature a Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con exclusive comic book for its super hero series, Critter, featuring a limited edition cover by Corey Knaebel, another of the Big Dog Ink artists. Since Corey will be appearing at the show, fans can also have a great fan experience and personalize their item with an autograph. The limited edition of only 250 copies will be available for just $15 at the booth.

Knaebel will be splitting his time between signing at the booth and appearing at his own Artists Alley table. He will be selling sketches and original art to fans.

Trade paperbacks are a great way for fans to get into a new comic book. They typically collect 5-7 individual issues of any given comic book series. These are books that previously came out individually but may now be difficult to hunt down. Trade paperbacks are also great for fans just getting into comic books as they give you an entire “story arc” of a comic book series. By the time you’re done reading the trade paperback new single issues will be available at your local comic book store, usually monthly.
Big Dog Ink will have several trade paperbacks at the booth in many different genres. From wild west fantasy to horror, the Big Dog Ink booth likely has a trade paperback available in a genre that fans love.
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