(Inker - Green Lantern Corps; Batman: The Return; Action Comics; Uncanny X-Men; X-Force; Shadowland; Daredevil; New Avengers; Thor; Superman/Batman; Star Wars) *Appearing FRIDAY & SUNDAY Only!

**Please check your city’s home page for guest appearance days!**

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The inker/artist Batt got his comic book career started on Superman and L.E.G.I.O.N 92 for DC Comics while attending The Joe Kubert School at the age of 19. From there he went onto Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (B&W), Cain and Vampirella for Harris, Punisher and many other books until the summer of 1994 when he was contacted by Top Cow.

Batt was brought onboard at Top Cow where he quickly rose to the top of the ranks and he was tapped by Marc Silvestri as his exclusive inker During his time at Top Cow Batt went on to ink many of Top Cow's founding books including: Cyberforce, Darkness, Ascension, Cyblade/Shi(1st app. Witchblade), Weapon Zero, Star Trek/X-Men to name but a handful, Batt was even Associate Editor on Cyberforce for a time.

Seeking new challenges Batt left Top Cow and went to Marvel where he worked on Uncanny X-Men and Magneto Rex while also working on Soul Saga. After the completion of these projects Batt went to work for Stan Lee Media working on such projects as the Backstreet Boys and Mighty Mouse. Unfortunately he fell severely ill while at Stan Lee and was unable to work for a couple years.

Upon recovering his health Batt came back to Top Cow where he teamed back up with Silvestri for Inferno, Evo and Uncanny X-Men.

Since then has gone onto have successful runs on Superman/Batman, Death of the New Gods, New Avengers, Thor, Shadowlands, Batman: The Return, X-Men Second Coming and his latest work on Green Lantern Corps 53-60.