Barry Kitson
(Artist - The Mighty Thor; Uncanny X-Force; FF; The Amazing Spider-Man; Iron Man 2.0; Captain America: Fighting Avenger; Incredible Hulks; JLA; Judge Dredd; Supergirl; Legion of Super-Heroes; JSA; The Avengers; The Titans; Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight; Fables; Superman; Wolverine; Action Comics; The Flash; Green Lantern)
*Appearing Courtesy of Hero Initiative
Barry KitsonBarry’s first professional work was Spider-Man for Marvel UK. He has worked on many titles including Future Shocks, Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson for 2000 AD; Batgirl, L.E.G.I.O.N., Adventures of Superman, Shadow of the Bat, Azreal, JLA Year One, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, The Titans, Empire, Legion of Super-Heroes for DC Comics; Wolverine, The Order, Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four and The Amazing Spider-Man for Marvel Comics; and many more.
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