Barry Gregory

(Co-Founder - Ka-Blam Digital Printing)

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Barry Gregory


Barry Gregory sold a couple of comic book scripts to Malibu Comics while still in college. He would go on to work every slot of the comic book assembly line for publishers large and small. He spent nearly three years as the managing editor for a mid-sized comics publisher -- an experience that still causes him to on occasion wake up in the middle of the night screaming.

After a few years away from comics he co-founded Ka-Blam Digital Printing in 2005. Ka-Blam has since grown to be a pillar in the rapidly expanding worlds of independent comics, self-publishing, and web-to-print comics.

His latest comics work -- Gallant Comics #1 (co-created with artist Steven Butler) premieres at the New Orleans Comic Con. He is also at work on a new action/adventure series with artist Mitch Byrd,

Barry lives in central Florida with his wife Jennifer (creator of DreamWalker as well as the forthcoming series Summoner), three kids, and a big fuzzy dog.

He really needs to shave.