Ash Monif

(Co-Founder/CEO - Grimm Bros)

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Ash Monif


Ash Monif is the co-founder and CEO of Grimm Bros, a video game studio currently developing the upcoming RPG title Dragon Fin Soup. Ash Monif become a creative in order to share ideas and connect with others. Monif attended Cogswell College, which at the time was the only school to get an accredited degree in game design. After earnestly applying himself to learn storytelling, digital art, project management, and game design, Monif combined all of these elements and founded and led a team of students to build games. Monif and his team became a finalist in the 2003 IGF showcase. This event launched their careers into the game industry. Monif has worked across the entire spectrum of the game industry from massive publishers to indie developers with past game credits including Sims 2, Lord of the Rings: TTA, James Bond: FRWL, Fort Courage, TinkerBox, Fieldrunners, Mercenaries 2, and Doki Doki Universe. To learn more visit,