Ashley Schonberg

(Artist - Jayne Danger)

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Ashley Schonberg


The Jayne Danger name began as an idea for an incredible rock-n-roll clothing line. Once she dug in, Ashley realized that she was unsure how to grade patterns to fit anyone but herself. Oops! She wasnt going to let that stop her from starting her own business, so she started creating octo-plushies in 2009.

The success of the Jayne Danger octo-plushies allowed Ashley to quit her office job and return to school. At the London College of Fashion, she was able to study apparel design under accomplished milliners and costume designers. Later this year, she will be releasing her first line of pop-culture-inspired clothing, which you'll be able to find alongside her octo-plushies at the St. Louis and Chicago Wizard World Comic Cons.