Anthony Montgomery

(Actor - Star Trek: Enterprise [Ensign Travis Mayweather]; Single Ladies)

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Anthony Montgomery


Anthony Montgomery, an actor (and producer, writer, graphic novelist and rap artist) with numerous television and independent film credits, is most widely known for his portrayal of Ensign Travis Mayweather on the cult television series, Star Trek: Enterprise.

In 2013, Montgomery starred in and produced his first independent feature film, CHARIOT a suspense thriller about seven strangers who wake aboard a commercial airline in flight with no idea how they got there, only to discover the U.S. is under attack and they may be the only survivors. 2013 also saw Montgomery launch his own science fiction franchise called MILES AWAY, beginning with a graphic novel, which released April 24, 2013.

Miles Away is about a 16-year-old boy with a clouded history, who develops a superhuman ability, gets recruited by a shadowy organization to battle an evil entity on Future Earth AND who allies with alien refugees and falls into an interstellar war as he explores his family's dark past. Since it's release by
Antarctic Press, Montgomery has toured with the graphic novel to warm receptions in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, Australia, Dusseldorf, Germany and numerous cities around the United States. Montgomery continues the Miles Away promotional world tour in 2014 with stops in New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Nevada and London. The first animated feature film in the trans media franchise is currently in pre-production.

Montgomery ended 2013 filming a supporting role in the independent feature film The Man in 3B, based on the New York Times bestselling novel by Carl Weber. Montgomery portrays the complex Avery Mack, in the film directed by Trey Haley for Tri Destined Studios. The Man is 3B is scheduled for release Spring 2015. Montgomery recently wrapped filming a supporting role in the Indy feature, The Preacher's Son, based on another New York Times best selling novel by Carl Weber. This film is the first of a drama in the church trilogy The Preacher's Son, The Choir Director and The First Lady. Montgomery will not appear in the second film but his character, the career-driven, scandal generating, Reverend Terrence Reynolds returns in the third installment. Trey Haley for Tri Destined Studios will direct all three films.

Montgomery has two children and resides in Los Angeles.


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